Measurable Improvement in IT

Despite stagnating or reduced budgets, Government agencies face a growing number of challenges, threats, and requirements to deliver on their mission.  IT continues to be an enabler of the mission, but new systems development opportunities are slim. Instead, agencies must make do with current systems and improve their current application portfolio.  10novate specializes in improving agency applications to deliver greater performance and security. 10novate employs a combination of tech approaches (reusable software, open architecture frameworks, and shared services) with process orientation.

Software Development

10novate employs comprehensive, proven software development methodologies to deliver enterprise applications on-time, in-scope, and on-budget. We address the full development lifecycle including requirements analysis, software engineering, configuration, testing, product documentation, and release management. 10novate specializes in iterative—or Agile—software development disciplines, including Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Continuous Integration, security controls, and test-driven development to address the program management, software engineering, and quality assurance requirements of Government clients. Our approach accelerates time-to-deployment, exceeds quality levels (i.e., defect rates), delivers higher levels of stakeholder satisfaction, and ensures greater predictability. We adhere to people-centric design principles and focus on the user experience. 

Systems Integration

Integration is key to reducing complexities, improving time-to-deployment, reducing costs, delivering accurate information, improving performance and productivity, increasing reuse and providing flexibility and scalability. 
10novate offers systems integration solutions and services for custom applications, service oriented architecture (SOA) projects, application development, and system testing and validation. We combine organizational, business, applications, data and technology architectures in the right way for your agency. 10novate’s solutions address your agency’s architecture and integrate custom and packaged software applications. We apply an agile, continuous integration approach wherein software components and subsystems are integrated as they are developed into multiple working mini-versions of the system; this approach lowers risk.

Information Assurance

Our application security solutions provide software assurance and thorough security analysis of source code. 10novate uncovers vulnerabilities in code and violations of secure programming, uncovers backdoors and identifies poor input validation, unchecked buffers and session strength. 

We implement controls within the database, application information flows and user access roles, among other weaknesses. We combine software security expertise with extensive software development experience. Our software and security experts ensure the most comprehensive application security assessment possible through manual code reviews assisted by best-of-breed automated scanning tools.